A guide to the perfect caption for your Instagram picture

In last week’s article we showed you possibilities to become famous on Instagram. As mentioned in the article, a caption is essential for your success.

Good Captions will increase engagement and lead to more likes, thus increase the probability that followers will become customers.


8 tips for crafting the perfect Instagram caption

Keep it simple

The focus on Instagram is on the pictures. So something super short, ideally a captivating phrase or a funny pun, will always work.


Tell a story

Even if you use Instagram only as an online catalogue of your products some background story always increases involvement.


Include a call-to-action. Ask a question.

Animate your followers to interact with you. For example, ask them something related to your post. When your niche is for example tattooed women, ask what their tattoo is and what it means to them. If your niche affects regions and cities, ask where your followers come from. That might also give you inspiration for new designs. And eventually, the more comments your picture gets, the more likely it is to be shown in other users’ explore tab.
Inviting users to tag their friends works similarly.


Direct people to a link in your bio.

Since you cannot post links in your Instagram captions, don’t forget to point out the link in your bio to forward users to your online shop.



Using a client’s picture (with his consent) is a brilliant way to show potential customers how happy your products could make them. Using this method, you should always give credit to the owner of the image in the caption.


Limit yourself to a few hashtags

Don’t flood your followers with an endless amount of hashtags. The focus should stay on the picture and the product you’re promoting. In order to achieve that, but still expand your community by using hashtags, you can list the hashtags at the very end of your caption. Like this it doesn’t disturb while reading.


Use emojis

Emojis make your text more vivid. They are eye-catchers and help to convey emotions. You can use them in the middle of the sentence, to replace words, or at the end of the description to leave a lasting impression.


Grammar & Spelling

Correct spelling and a proper grammar do in fact still matter. If you don’t want to leave an unprofessional impression always double check your language.