In this section you will add a title and write a short description that everyone can read when they go to your sales page. We will also choose the sale duration and the URL for the campaign page.

It is essential that you bring out the sense of exclusivity of your product in your description to entice buyers. Your buyers will not want to wear the same clothes as their neighbours, friends or colleagues, so make them unique! By writing some words in bold or italic you will attract purchases from your audience. You only have a few seconds to convince them not to leave the page, and don’t forget you are paying for them to be on your page.

In the next section, Tips & Tricks, you will find examples of successful descriptions in several languages.

With regards to the campaign duration time, we have found that the top sellers were getting excellent results over a period of 7 days. Anything longer and you risk decreasing your ROI even if it remains positive. Don’t worry though, you can contact us if you wish to extend the duration of your sale during it (

The campaign page URL is the link that directs your buyers to your campaign page. The best choice is to create a link associated with the name of the niche.

Last option: to choose “grouped” delivery or not:

In the cases where you are organising an event or your future buyers are nearby, you can choose to offer the option “grouped delivery”.

The advantage of the “grouped delivery” option: Buyers don’t pay any shipping costs.
The disadvantage of the “grouped delivery” option: It twill be up to you to organise the dispatching of the orders when they arrive for the buyers who have chosen grouped delivery.

If you choose this option, your buyers will have the choice between the standard delivery to their address or to go collect the product at an address that you specify.

You can then click on Launch your campaign.

Your campaign is ready! Your buyers can choose from the options available by clicking on the drop down menu when they go to purchase.