The 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make in your campaign’s description


  • Incorrect grammar or spelling can ruin your credibility


An error in the grammar or spelling in your campaign description can ruin your credibility. It is important that your costumers feel at ease before making a purchase. However, we are aware of the fact that you are not fluent in all the languages, which you want to sell to. Therefore, we have a great and free solution for you. We offer you a Translation Service that will translate from English to French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and many more.


  • Information overload loses its relevance


Too much irrelevant information takes away the message you want to deliver. It is crucial that the message contains important information that helps the buyer make a decision. Therefore, you should use short phrases that contain information like “Limited edition” or “Not available in stores”. However, it is also interesting for the customer to know something about the delivery. Make sure your campaign description is maximum 100 words!


  • Not specifying payment methods


In the campaign description customers expect to get some information about the payment methods. Because if your customer finds out about the fact that they can’t use a certain method at the Check-out they will be very disappointed. In some countries they don’t use the international payment methods for example in the Netherlands the majority uses IDEAL and in Belgium the majority uses Mr Cash. These methods are locally used, however, people would like to know in advance if the can use their national payment methods.


  • Forgetting to mention the size guide


Forgetting to mention the size guide is very inefficient. Many customers assume that the sizes are similar to their local sizes. Therefore, you should mention about the size guide in your campaign description. Because you don’t want your customers sending back their orders due to size issues.


  • Not mentioning any relevant discounts


You should definitely not forget to mention any discounts. It is important for the customer to know if they can have a discount. Combine the key words “Limited edition” with “Discount” and your customers will likely finalize their purchase. Another example to use in your campaign description is telling your customer that they can save money by ordering more items.