How to attract international customers?

Teezily, the leader of the  European market for online sales of customised apparels, has gone global and has successfully expanded its business all over the world. It is now possible for you to print your products from our warehouses based in Europe and USA with the possibility to ship to customers worldwide.


So make the most of this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, to take your niche to the next level or simply to discover brand new international niches!  The question is: how to attract the attention of these potential buyers who live all around the world? Moreover, how to compete with the best of sellers who already rule the new market that you are interested in?


We have some tips and advice that will definitely help you to attract international customers:


1. Do your research about the markets you want to target:


Before launching new campaigns and translating your designs in all languages, it is important to do some research about the markets you want to target. We advise you to start off by picking only one or two new markets at a time and look for information about your potential customers' habits. Try to find out what are the best selling items and the most chosen colours and sizes in that particular country. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our e-market infographics to find out more about the American and the European markets.


It is also a good idea to do some research about the latest trends to check if your current niche can be used for other countries or not. There are a lot of sources of inspiration: case studies, local media, etc. Make a list of the most influential bloggers or the most famous magazines for each country to learn more about the new trends.



2. Translate your best design:


In case your design can work for different countries, don’t hesitate to translate it in several languages. If you’re not a polyglot, we kindly remind you that we have a free translation service that helps you to translate any kind of content, such as your design, the title and the description of you campaign page or even your Facebook post into multiple European languages.


Be careful to not make language mistakes: mixing up a language with another one (like Danish with Finnish for example) is the fastest way to lose a potential customer.


To learn more about the mistakes you shouldn’t make in a campaign description, check out our article here



3. Create, if needed, a Facebook Page for each language:


This will enable you to build an online community for each market. However, creating  a page is not enough, you also need to be active (by posting regular updates about your campaigns, your latest ideas, updates…) and reactive above all: a Facebook page is interesting only if the response rate is high. That is why it is primordial to reply to the comments, questions and any other client doubts. The goal here is to make your community feel comfortable enough so that they can become potential and/or loyal clients.


To help you further, we also have an article on how to manage a Facebook Fan Page. You can also find the frequently asked questions and answers translated into multiple languages for your convenience. Check it out here.




4. Insist on worldwide shipping:


To attract international clients, the first thing you need to do is to inform them that we offer worldwide shipping. In this case, several solutions are offered to you: you can add a banner in your description page telling more about that information, propose promotions to push your clients to buy, be transparent about the production or shipping deadlines and tell the potential clients that they can contact the customer support service if needed at


5. Join our Teezily University Facebook groups...


...and don't hesitate to ask any question about any market that you might have. The most important thing if you want to develop a business is to be curious and to never stop asking questions. At Teezily, the community spirit is the most important value that we wish to foster.


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