Set Up

Here we will set up the sale objective.

Here you must select your currency and sales goal: i.e. the minimum number of T-shirts you wish to sell. We suggest that you choose a reasonable sales target of between 50 and 100 maximum with the help of the cursor.  Even if you are a great seller, early buyers may be discouraged from buying if they see a too high sales goal and this could affect your conversion.  For beginners, start with a target of 10 to 20 even if you have a solid budget for the campaign’s promotion.

Whatever happens, even if you sell more products than your sales goal, we will give part of the profits calculated from the difference between the sales goal and the number of sales carried out. You’ve earned it!

If you have a publicity budget of less than 500€ for the entire duration of your campaign, we suggest a sales goal of 20 T-shirts.

Then set your sales price: You can choose to earn 5, 10, 15 or 20€ per product, or you can choose to have a profit equal to 0€ by setting the sales price at the same level as the suggestion provided by Teezily.

Finally, select all of the supplementary products you wish to offer your buyers. Hoodies allow you to obtain higher profits compared to the equivalent T-shirts sold per unit from a marketing point of view. You can easily double your margin with hoodies compared to T-shirts! However, you need to carefully consider the seasonal changes of the countries that you are targeting. For example, it will be much harder to sell hoodies in Greece during the summer!

In our example, we chose to add 4 different styles: the round neck unisex T-shirt in royal blue and white, red and pink tank tops. You can add up to 10 different models for each campaign.

Important: For each product, don’t forget to add the sale price.

We recommend that you choose a selling price that is going to give you the best returns. You don’t work for free! Use a sales price that isn’t a “round” number. You will get a better conversion by using 24,49€ or 18,99€ instead of 25,00€ or 19,00€!

The “psychological” prices to remember are for example: 14.95€, 19.45€ or 29.99€.

Do not hesitate to ask our Country Managers for recommended sales prices for each product for the country you want to target.

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