5 Important Things in Campaign Description

Today, marketers have more choices than ever concerning how and where to promote or advertise their business. While there is no one sure-fire formula to creating a successful integrated digital marketing campaign, there are steps that sellers can take to maximize views on their campaign.


Step 1: Have a clear understanding of who your target audience is and use the proper communication channels. That means that, if you are targeting young people, slangs, quotes and slogans (related to the niche) at the top of your campaign’s page can effectively attract their attention more than anything else.


Step 2: Pick your channels. Do not hesitate to add your Facebook Fan Page, Instagram Profile, Twitter page links to your campaign description. Potential buyers need to trust the brand: an active and carefully detailed social media page represents a guarantee of truthfulness and reliability.


Step 3: Have a consistent look. “Make sure your visual identity is consistent,” stated Andrew Stanten, president, Altitude Marketing. “Visual identity is far more than your logo.” Indeed, when you use colors, fonts and filters consistently, your buyers and followers come to recognize your brand quickly. If your campaign is related to  particular festival / celebration / event (i.e. the European Football Club) add a visual elements that can catch the attention of the supporters from all over Europe, or from the country concerned.


Step 4: Highlight your promotions creating visual content. As stressed in other articles, discount codes / promotions represent an effective way to attract new customers and loyalize buyers that have already purchased from one of your campaign. Do not hesitate to add visual elements to empower your marketing strategy.


Step 5: Use banners with all the payment methods logo. Nevertheless, payment platforms are a fundamental element of customer behaviour. Potential buyers don’t want to waste their time looking for information about the accepted payments throughout the text: indeed, creating a banner/header with all the related logos (and do not forget to underline that the payment is 100% safe and protected) will reassure your clients and summarize one of the most important information about your campaign.