The importance of humour in marketing

While searching for impactful ways to engage with your customers, sometimes all you need to do is to make a joke. Just think about it, the advertisements or commercials that made you laugh are also those that you still remember. However, combining humour and marketing can be difficult, as you need to find the perfect balance between being funny and staying professional.  But what makes a good joke and what are the key-elements of humour in marketing? In this article we will answer these questions and even more.


Firstly, you need to know as much as possible about your niche. The effectiveness of humour in marketing depends mostly on your target group, their age and preferences. Do a lot of research and pay attention to several trends among your core audience. You can use these trends in your favour to show that you are well informed and dedicated towards your audience. The more you know about them, the better.


Secondly, keep your content fun, relatable and simple. A simple joke will go a long way. When forcing yourself to be funny, your core audience will know that it is forced. If you have done your research right then the best humour will just come naturally. The content also must be relatable. Don’t forget that your objective is to build a stronger relationship with your core audience, but you also want to increase your sales and reach new customers. So try to promote your campaign without using jargons so that the message is relatable to newbies as well. Unless you’re targeting a very specific group of people.


Thirdly, use a funny image when promoting your campaign. Of course, the image must fit the content of your message. The image will help you with grabbing the attention of your core audience and creating brand awareness more quickly and easily. A funny image will also be more likely to be shared on Social Media thus creating a bigger reach for your campaign.


Lastly, try to avoid using controversial topics in your advertisement. Using controversial topics in marketing may create a lot of attention, but it may not be the attention you’re looking for. Play it safe and keep it simple.


Using humour in marketing is a great way of making your advertisements more effective. Just use it wisely. With the right kind of research and approach you can create amusing advertisements for your campaigns that are highly professional at the same time. Just be creative and get started!