Post-campaign promotion – Customer’s selfies

Once your Teezily Campaign ends, your promotion should still be in process. As a successful Seller you should know all the advantages of post-campaign promotion in order to boost your sales and even establish best sellers. Selfies are a fantastic way to do this. In this article we will share all the tips with you.


Client’s Selfies

Encourage your satisfied buyers to post a selfie wearing your products. There is no better promotion than first-hand experience. The approval of current customers may invite many new customers and boost your image and sales. You can actively request selfies in posts or emails when the customers receive their item.
Ideally, your happy customer will add a sentence to the picture expressing how much they love their item.
This social proof will push uncertain buyers to buy your next campaign or make an impulse purchase.

Don’t forget to add the link of the campaign the client is wearing.

Pro Tip: Ask your customers to share their selfies through the same channel you advertise your campaign on, this way the transition for the clients who click on the link to buy the pictured item will be smoother; or simply invite your customers to send their pictures as a private message.


Create a buzz

As mentioned above, you should always add the link to the description or the comments. When everything works out fine, latent buyers in your community will get into action after seeing the happy client’s selfie. They will experience peer pressure and will want to buy the product as well. People will often comment on the picture expressing how much they like it, which will create further visibility.


The picture above shows perfectly how people tag each other and create a chain of engagement. This is an example of our page, as a seller you can create even greater buzz, sell a shirt additional times without spending money on ads again.


Demonstrate your credibility

As shown by the phenomenon of influencers, the opinion of a “real person” is gold. Latent customers will believe their experience and this has an even bigger effect than regular ads. The content doesn’t have to be perfect, it should be human and relatable.


Supporting a good cause

Also for supporting a matter that is close to our heart, a non-profit organization, the selfies are a great possibility. You can also post pictures of the progress and help you have already achieved with funds of previous sales, this will engage more buyers to join supporting the good cause.



Offer prizes, as a customizable t-shirt, for the client who posts the coolest/funniest/best selfie wearing your design. The one with the most votes wins. This creates engagement to send a selfie and buzz in general.


Take advantage of the feedback

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to receive immediate feedback from your clients via social media. You can ask your customers what designs they liked best, even what they would change. Like that you’ll get to know your niche better and can identify their wishes to get new design ideas – the next bestseller is on its way! This is also a fast and easy way to improve the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. When they have a doubt and you show that you support them and answer their questions the customers will be satisfied and will more probably purchase from you again.

Happy customers + promotional selfies = Happy Sellers = Happy Teezily-Team