How to Create a Facebook Page?

A Facebook page will allow you to promote your shirt with the target you have previously defined. It is therefore essential to create a Facebook page in order to start marketing your T-shirts. Click on Create Page and let the on screen guide help you set it up.

Here you have two options to promote your T-shirts on a Facebook Page.

  • Create one page that will include all the campaigns that you launch with Teezily regardless of the different niche markets you target at once.
  • Create a page and build up a qualified audience of potential buyers in a niche market over time. Once you have created your audience you can offer them all the products that you want, forFREE. In this case, it is essential that you build an audience of several tens of thousands of people minimum so that your action has value. You pay for the audience now but then you can freely post on your page. It’s a business and in the long term that needs to power your fans with relatable content to retain and monetise their membership to your page, then market your products to them.


In both of the above mentioned cases, it is essential to show your potential buyers that they can trust you and your products. To do this, add a cover photo, an appropriate name and a description to your Facebook page, even if it doesn’t have fans.