How to adapt European designs to US campaigns

We all know that the US Market is a huge opportunity to sell more T-Shirts than ever before. The States is indeed a big niche of people who are amazed by personalised Tees. The big question is: How is it possible to be successful with the Teezily campaigns in the US market? The following information and tips will help you to adapt European your designs to US campaigns.

See what the US is actually like

Doing some research on the internet, prospecting about the US market to see what people like, watch or support, can be a first steps to finding new inspiration for designs and Teezily campaigns.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest are only a few of the inspiration possibilities. With those tools it will also be easy, to see which designs are working on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and afterwards be more precise about targeting people and looking at what people are buying.

However there are other and easier ways to find inspiration, for new ideas for designs.

Using English Designs

This the most obvious of the points that will be mentioned. The good thing in being a seller in Europe is, that we mostly have the experience in translating designs in English or in another language. The first tip that can be given is to re-use previous designs in the English language. But be careful to notice the vocabulary differences between UK English and US English.

Then, taking in consideration the Hispanic population for example, it’s better not forgetting that English isn’t the only language spoken in the USA and you can use other languages depending on the targeted niches.

If you have some difficulties to translate, please do not forget that our Translation Team will be happy to stand by your side and help you through the Teezily translations App.

Big US Niches

A lot of Niches can be found in the US market, but if you hesitate in choosing the theme of your next campaign, let us help you with some examples.

The different types of sports can be defined as a real passion for the US and Canadian populations. To mention a few: Basketball, American Football, Baseball and Hockey are the most watched sport types in North America.

You can easily adapt your European Design to target these sport types and supporters (all the while remaining vigilant about the Copyright/Trademark potential problems). Here are some example of most popular teams in the USA: The Lakers of Los Angeles, the Knicks of New York, the Thunders of Oklahoma City, the Bulls of Chicago, and the Rockets of Houston for Basketball and The Patriots of New England, the New York Yankees for American Football.

Not only sport is important in the USA. The people are indeed big fans of personalised T-Shirts concerning pets/animals. That means, a design about dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, guinea pigs and any other animal type would certainly be successful in the US market.

Last but not least, all the big events concerning national celebrations in the USA are a hit for the US population. If you find a good niche of people to target with Tees in link with the 4th of July, the elections, Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day to just mention some of them, it would possibly be a roaring success.

Eventually with all these possibilities, you’ll manage to find the perfect subject to work on, but do not forget that, you’ll always be able to ask our success Team around for help on Facebook per Mail writing at if you have any question about your Teezily campaigns.