Opening a store

Teezily offers you the possibility to create your own store (Teezily Store) in order to consolidate all your T-shirt campaigns. For example you can create a shop containing all your designs or for each of your niches.

Here are the steps for creating your shop:

  1. Go to your Teezily account. We have created a new tab « Store », click on it!

  1. Click on « New Store » to créate your first shop.

  1. Add a name for the store, a description, and the URL you want to give it

4.Now all you need to do is add the campaigns that you want to include in your store. Click on “Add a campaign” and                select the ones you want to show your audience. Once this is complete, click “Close”.

  1. Next, you must choose a cover photo for your shop. Feel free to choose an image related to your niche! If you do not find anything to your liking, we will automatically use a Teezily banner.

Your shop is ready! Isn’t that just Teezilicious?


All that remains for you to do is to share your shop with your audience.