10 tips to boost your concentration at the home office

Healthy working place


1.      Distance from the screen

If the screen is too close to your eyes, it will unconsciously lead to malposition. A distance of 50 to 80 cm between the screen and your eyes and a downwards viewing angle of approx. 35 ° are important for a healthy working place. Height adjustable furniture is also advised; they are rightfully adjusted when your arms and legs create a right angle.

2.      Every walk is relaxing

Vary your position every chance you get. Take phone calls while standing and place bigger working equipment, such as your printer and shelfs with documents, farther away.This way you’ll have to stand up more often and will be more awake.

3.      Say yes to sports

Doing little exercises in between helps your physical well-being and keeps you fresh and awake.  Treat your brain to small breaks to work more efficiently and prevent back pain. For example, you can do shoulder cycling, rotate your chest, or stretch your neck.

4.      The right lightning

If possible, place yourself in front of a window to enjoy as much daylight as you can. But the view shouldn’t be too distractive.


More organization at the working place


5.      Tidy up – in real life and virtually

A clean and tidy desk is important – and so is a well-organized PC. Label your projects with clear, specific names and sort them into categories. With well named folders you ensure that you’ll be able to find the information even after many years have gone by. However, you should also make sure you don’t keep useless data on your PC. With a clean computer you will be able to find documents easier and your PC will work faster.

Also, the real-life working place should be kept clean.  Be especially careful with cables, they can easily make you trip if not properly sorted and fixed.

6.      Make your working place your district

Studies have shown that a few personal things on your desk improve work performance. The reason is the higher “feel-good factor”. Therefore, some decoration or pictures of your loved ones has a very positive effect on your working spirit. But always keep it discreet.



Clear your head


7.      Take a break

Short breaks while working improve concentration and overal mental performance. Grab a drink or just walk around for a bit. This way, you will avoid stress, gather your thoughts, and get ready for new tasks.


8.      Mobile phones and internet surfing

Using your mobile phone and internet surfing should be part of your leisure time. Try to not use your phone during breaks, this is not real recovery for your brain. It can be very tempting to surf privately on the internet while working at home because it’s your familiar environment, but you should learn to strictly separate work from free time so that you can also enjoy work after hours.

9.      Music non-stop

It has been proven that listening to music at a moderate volume while working increases productivity. You get more work done than in absolute silence or noise.

10.  Stay flexible

Every human has a different biorhythm. Therefore ,your working hours, daily tasks, and breaks should all be adjusted according to your needs in order to maximize productivity. Set yourself free from fixed office working hours. You are your own boss, so use this opportunity. However, you should set up a schedule and set due dates to stay focused, but feel free to organize the daily working hours.