Scaling your Campaign

Now that you have analysed the performance of your campaign, you need to develop it to its exact scale to maximize your profits on your campaign.

How do you ensure that your campaign makes a profit and not turn into failure? There are several ways to best develop his campaign:

  • You can double your budget every day for the duration of the campaign: € 40/50 per day then € 100 then € 250 then € 500 and even up to € 1,000 per day.

You will only reach 1000€ if you are targeting very large audiences, 500,000 people or more.

You must launch your campaign over a period of 7 days to maximise your ROI.

  • You can immediately switch to a budget of 100€ per day. This will allow you to develop your campaign at a faster rate.

Warning! The budget is to increase the « ad set » level and not the « ad »!

We recommend though that you have a single « ad » per « ad set »!

Depending on the decision you have taken and the results you have achieved in the first 24 hours of your campaign, here’s how to increase your budget:

Scaling your campaign involves increasing its advertising budget. You must therefore ensure that you are continuously generating a profit.

If the results after 24 hours are excellent and exceed the “metrics” with a very low CPE (cost per engagement) then it is possible to go directly to a budget € 100 per day!