How to Analyse the ROI

You advert has been live for 24 hours! Congratulations! Now, it is essential to analyse your initial results and take any relevant decisions as to what action to take for the continuation of your campaign.

Look at the results of your advert 2 a day: once in the morning and once at night.

Do not pause your advert because Facebook optimises your advert based on your audience.

To find out if you should continue your Teezily campaign, you need to ask yourself one question: Do you earn money with your Teezily campaign?

Please note that the only parameter to consider when deciding on the continuation of your campaign is the ROI (return on investment). In other words, if you invested 20 € and your profits are 30 €, your ROI is 50%.

You calculate it using the following formula:

ROI = (gains from your investment on Facebook for example – expenditure incurred for these gains) / (expenses made to gain those earnings)

Start by going to your Ads Manager as shown below.

You are now in your Ads Manager which shows you the activity of your various marketing campaigns. Then select on the campaign that you want to analyse and then click adset and finally ad to see its performance.

After choosing your campaign, you will get a report of your advert that looks like this.

On the screen above, you will see the relevant information that should help you in your decision as to whether or not to continue your ad.

  • The “Click-Through-Rate” : corresponds to the click through rate of your link
  • The Cost: the price you pay for engagement
  • The “Performance” section that details the particular social interactions on your advertising

Here you can select the advert that you wish to have more information about.

On the right, you have a report detailing several features of your ad, including the number of times the picture that shows your shirt has been seen, the number of likes and the number of shares.

You can also view your ad as shown in the newsfeed of those that you are targeting by clicking on “Ad preview and Placements”.

Here you can see you ad in your newsfeed. You can also see the comments and can answer them.  You can also gauge with the natural traffic that you have achieved in terms of likes and shares of those that you are targeting that have shared your ad, thus allowing you to be exposed to people that you had not previously targeted.

From these elements, you can now decide if you should continue or stop your campaign.

We distinguish the 4 types of campaigns based on one indicator: the ROI.