8 facts you need to know about EU and US market

Today we are sharing 8 precious information about our European market (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and UK) and our US market.

Those information will help you having a better understanding of those markets and clients’ behaviors and preferences, in order to boost your campaigns and grow your TZ business.


1) The average amount of visitors via mobile phone:

People use mobile devices (mobile phone and tablets) for a very wide range of activities, including text messages, social media but also to surf online and purchase items in an easy and quick way.


2) The average amount of visitors via Facebook:

Don’t ignore the power of social media, especially Facebook. If clients tend to visit our website via this social network, maybe you should invest more on Facebook Ads in order to engage your customers.


3) Operating system used:

iOS? Windows? Android? Which one do you think is the most used?


4) Most popular T-Shirts colors:

The choice of a color is really subjective and can depend from a client to another, but let’s see which colors are the most chosen in the US and EU market. We hope this information will help you if you want to conquer a new country!


5) Most popular T-Shirts sizes:

The choice of the size is not an easy decision when you launch a campaign: “should I propose all sizes or just the “common” one?” Now you can find out which size is the most chosen depending on each market to avoid frustrated clients.


6) Garment chosen regarding the seasons:

In this part, you will find out which product is the most bought depending on… the season! Do clients always buy tank top during summer and hoodie during winter? Let’s check this out!


7) Most popular time of the day to visit the website:

At what time do people visit our website? Early in the morning? Or late in the night? With this information, you can now schedule your campaign or Facebook posts at the right time.


8) Most popular day to visit the website

Same thing here: do our clients visit our website only during week-end or do they also have time in the middle of the week to purchase one or two items?


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