Ziler of the Month – If you don’t try, you’ll lose 100% of chance.

Teezily – Thanks for being the ziler of the month. We are sure that your story will encourage and motivate other up-coming zilers out there.

Before we kick off, we would like you to briefly introduce yourself!

Hilton – Thanks for granting me this opportunity to share ideas with other zilers.  My name is Hilton Cheng. I am from Hong Kong.

Teezily – Could you, please tell us about your early stages in the industry and why you joined the industry as a seller?

Hilton – I am a website developer and designer by profession. However, 2 years ago, in the quest for financial freedom, I started to research on affiliate marketing and I found affiliate T-shirt selling business model. Luckily, Teezily was one of the leaders in the industry. Trust me, I didn’t waste time to send my first email to Teezily.

Teezily – Just like in every other business, ups and downs are inevitable. Could you please tell us about the obstacles you faced as a newbie in the industry?

Hilton – The roads were rocky and the hills were steep at the early stages. Being a total newbie when I started, I barely had no idea about Facebook ads, Ads design and optimization. Although giving up was never an option.

Teezily – Hmm! Sounds encouraging! Giving up is indeed not an option.

Would you mind telling other zilers how you managed to surmount those ‘rocky roads and steep hills?

Hilton – Luckily, there were many tutorials and online blogs by some big players in the industry. Teezily was very helpful. I took time to study the PDFs that were sent to me by Teezily. My first campaign tipped successfully – thanks to those PDFs. In addition, I also benefited from some free YouTube videos by some big sellers like Yousef Khalidi.

Teezily – What keeps you moving in the industry?

Hilton – I saw huge opportunities for selling customized products such as T-shirt, Phone cases to the specific group of people through social media. That’s why I am working hard to build my online store with Teezily Plus to chase the trend.

Teezily – Before we wrap it up, do you have any tips for other sellers?

Hilton    –

  • Try more and react quickly to fine tune everything 
  • Read and think before your start. Try before you make decisions
  • If you don’t try, you’ll lose 100% of chance.

Teezily – Thank you so much, Hilton for your time!

Hilton – The pleasure is rather mine.