Success Stories : I quit my job – Benjamin Marie

Benjamin Marie’s Success Story will for sure resonate with most of the sellers out there. He started off enthusiastically, charmed by the idea of making easy money online, made some glaring mistakes, but finally had the good sense to turn things around for him.

When you start off, it’s only normal to get lost in the big, bad world of online ads and that is exactly what happened to out Seller of the Week. Having put all that behind him today, he advises all fellow sellers to place their faith in the knowledge shard by the Zilers in the online Teezily community and to make use of the Affiliate Program to generate organic, hassle-free sales instead of spending hundreds of euros on expensive online marketing platforms. All you need to do is upload your campaigns and let the internet wizards we call Affiliates do their magic!


Read on to find out more about this seller’s journey:



Hello Benjamin! Where are you from?

I’m from Normandy, in France.


What did you do before your Teezily career?

I was involved with the launch of a video game arena cum bar called WarpZone Caen which has now been in business since April.


What inspired you to start working with Teezily?

During the period when Pokémon GO was all the rage, I came across a campaign on Facebook related to the people of Normandy and I said to myself that this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this trend!


Can you tell us something about your first campaign?

Sure. I could actually show you! –

So my very first campaign was based on Pokémon GO with a Sales Goal of 50 T-shirts. Since this was an extremely popular trend at the time, I thought that the moment to earn lots of money online real fast was now or never! I therefore enrolled myself in all the Pokémon GO groups in France and I launched ads here and there. I was pretty certain that I would achieve hundreds of sales, but, in reality…I achieved none!


What was the most difficult part of your Teezily journey?

The most complicated part for me was understanding how Facebook Ads worked and also how to implement all the advice that I had been getting from the people around me. To be honest, I didn’t act very prudently in the beginning and ended up spending almost 1000€ on online ads without really knowing if it was a good investment that would bring me returns. Of course, had I then been a part of the Teezily University groups, I would have learnt from the experiences of other sellers and would have saved so much money.


Do you find the Teezily updates, like the Affiliate Program, useful for your business?

I was a little sceptical at first, but again, the experiences of other Zilers proved to be very reassuring and I decided to give it a try so as to be able to generate more organic sales. I now sell my designs on only the Teezily Marketplace: I add the maximum number of campaigns possible and let the Affiliates take care of their promotion. This allows me to earn automatic revenues with which I can finance my other projects. If there is one things that the other sellers should take away from my experience is: put all your designs on the Marketplace! Many sellers tend to underestimate its potential but the amount of organic sales is can allow is amazing!