Interview with a Super Ziler!

Working with Teezily is an exciting journey. We have the possibility to learn more about online marketing, online sales, and just being in contact with our clients. This innovative T-Shirt Business gives a new view of a different type of Marketing and financing experience.



What it is like … being a “Ziler”? What is it like to work with all these new online tools?




Luckily, I had the chance to have a chat with one of my “Teezily Sellers”, to be able to write about the “Teezily experience”. During my conversation with the Ziler, he gave me a great view of being a seller, who uses the online platform on a daily basis. I can say that it was really interesting for me to have the possibility to take in this insight.



First, I was really curious about how a German seller actually found this online-platform from Paris so quickly in this big environment which is the Internet, and what were his first thoughts about Teezily. He explained, “So I was on Facebook… where I saw an advert with a T-shirt which I found interesting. I clicked on it and saw that it was possible to make those by myself and actually earn a little bit money with it. I can say that I was a bit sceptical at first, because it was written that everybody could do it, and that meant to me that people don’t just buy shirts, but start to earn money with Teezily. The beginning was a little hard, but the instructional videos really helped me to understand the best way to start in this business, and when you watch the videos, you get a good insight of how you can build up a good campaign”. I found it interesting and remarkable to see that the instructional videos really help new sellers to understand how to work with all the tools. It really has shown me that, everything you do, videos, blog posts etc.… has an importance for the new “Zilers”.



My curiosity brought me to ask other question about the organization way of a “Ziler” and how the online platform can win more importance on a daily basis. On that theme he responded quickly “I’m momently searching for a new job, because I can’t do my old job anymore. After all the chores we have to do all day every day, there is time to focus myself on my campaigns”. For some people, Teezily is a hobby, but for others a real possibility and a solution to learn something new with online marketing, and to earn money with it at the same time.



Moreover, I found it meaningful to get more into the details of a campaign like asking about how much time you need to organize one, and how you find the inspiration, “I search for a niche (theme) and go through Google, eBay, Amazon etc…  When I’ve found a theme, I go on Facebook to see if there are some niche groups and how many people could be interested in it. Then I look for a budget to invest in the campaign”. Then I asked about how much time it takes to plan a new campaign. He explained, “to do a campaign without design) it lasts 5-10 minutes… but for the moment I, myself, focus on my Facebook fan page with 105,000 fans and try every week to do new designs… but I want in the future to do and post more campaigns”.



I wanted to know from this; how does a Ziler create the designs for his Teezily campaigns? Because there are in effect a lot of possibilities on the Internet or thanks to different imaging software. “For my design, I mainly use Photoshop but for a design which is meant to be easier, I use the designer from Teezily (TeezilyLab)”. It’s indeed possible to build up with Teezily, but some sellers prefer to use other software for design with more details


Finally, as a last question, I asked him about his goal for the future with Teezily, as a seller interested in online knowledge, “Yes my goal is to live thanks what I do with Teezily… but for now my goal of sells to reach would be 200/300 Tees. My best result was 190 Tees. But I want to reach more and more every day, and I will try to enhance my results from campaign to campaign”.



So, in conclusion we can say that, even if there are still things to work on, we can agree on the fact that Teezily have success in its way of building a link with people around the world. To collect all these experiences from my seller was really meaningful and interesting to me. We only can hope now, that we’ll develop in the future as quickly as in the past.