Ways to come up with a design idea in 5 minutes

We live in an era where time is money and where ads disappear in the blink of an eye. So if you miss an important one, it is highly likely that you have missed out on a sales opportunity that was staring you in the eye. You therefore need to be quick to identify such an opportunity and exploit it to the fullest to the benefit of your business. However, the conception of a T-shirt design is a creative process and all creative minds will rightly tell you that an idea is something that needs time to take shape and should not be rushed.

So, how do you overcome this impasse? In 5 simple steps, we say. Whenever you’re stuck in a creative rut or run out of inspiration, these tips are sure to help:



  • Research


Pick up a newspaper, login to your social media accounts or simply ask Google’s help and you’ll have plenty of topics that are trending in your target market. Use the popular expressions used by the people and follow the news of the concerned market to make your designs relevant. But make sure not to stir up a storm by creating a motif that may be offensive to a particular community.



  • Mash-ups


Say you’ve had two very successful campaigns but can’t find any inspiration for the third one. How about combining the two and coming up with a mash-up that is original and stylish at the same time? For instance, if designs related to pets and TV series work well with your target group, it may be a good idea to fuse the two together and come up with an idea that caters to the fans of both these niches.




  • Wit to the rescue


A design that is witty and funny has a very good chance of going viral and of therefore boosting your sales. Such a design not only makes the wearers feel good about themselves but also helps create a loyal customer base as the buyers feel that their sensibilities are well aligned with those of the sellers. So all that’s really standing between you and sky rocketing sales is that one pun or punchline that can make all the difference.


  • Go visual


A successful design doesn’t necessarily need to have a complicated or multi-layered design. You don’t need to rattle your brains as sometimes, a simple image or a trendy design might do the trick. For instance, in order to cater to patriots, just an image of the country’s flag will not only look elegant but also serves the purpose with minimal efforts from your side. However, for this trick to work, it is important to know your target group and your niche inside out. Consult our country tips to become an expert!



  • Personalize it!


What distinguishes Teezily from everyone else is the fact that we offer you the opportunity to customize your dreams. And you can offer the same possibility to your clients too. A personnalisable T-shirt makes the buyer feel special as they get to wear a creation that is unique and that sets you apart from the crowd. What’s more is that it makes for a wonderful gift and can make your loved ones feel special and loved. And as a creator, all you need to do is come up with a basic idea and let your audience do the rest!