Charity campaigns in Teezily

As an online platform, Teezily allows users around the world to fulfill their lucrative or humanitarian purposes by launching campaigns.


We are grateful that users choose Teezily to raise funds and aid others by creating social and charitable campaigns. Unfortunate events such as terrorist attacks (Paris, Berlin, Brussels etc), natural disasters (earthquake in Italy, Nepal, Indonesia) and other social causes are what push the sellers to address these problems and help the victims by launching campaigns in Teezily.



However, customers want to know where the profits are going to exactly. They want to make sure that their goodwill and help does indeed count, and that they are directly contributing to the creation of better days.



We therefore strongly advise that the sellers take into consideration the following points when creating their social campaigns:



>> Clearly state the purpose on your campaign’s description. Mention that the campaign was created for charitable purposes.


>> State the names of the associations or any third parties where the profit goes to. Provide your audience with their media platforms (website, FB page, or any other social media accounts) so that they can learn about the project.


>> Provide us with the bank / Paypal / Payoneer account of the association. Our legal team will check its eligibility so that our finance team may gladly transfer the profit later on.


>> Any campaigns that fail to meet these conditions within the next 24 hours will be taken down and the payout will be put on hold until further notice.



By creating positive experiences for both the sellers and the customers on our platform, we will be able to improve conversion rates every day.
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