Effective way to manage social media

In this article, we will discuss the general way to manage your social media while marketing your campaigns. We will examine several facets of social media management; creating content, post timing, daily maintenance, engaging audiences, and making contests.


Despite many social media platforms being available nowadays, Facebook remains number one, followed byTwitter and Instagram. Thus you have to be familiar with these platforms in order to maximize their features.


Creating Content

While creating posts, there are several tips you need to take note of in order to create better impact.


> Use great visuals. Visuals really matter because it will be the first thing your audience will notice. Thus you need to invest more time on it to provide an excellent quality image. Choose high definition picture and design it properly.


> Post your campaign with less than 100 characters / text. According to research, brief posts bring more likes, comments and shares.


> Choose the right words and phrases. Scientifically, some words are more powerful than others when it comes to marketing. Use friendly language and avoid formal language so your post looks natural. By learning basic writing skills, you will be able to tailor stronger and concise messages with irresistible seducing power to click and buy on your campaign.


> Use hashtags. Hashtags helps your posts to be found. Some hashtags will also give you more popularity, so make sure to use the popular ones. Put your hashtags with moderation or it will backfire your engagement.


> Use emojis. Animate your posts by putting some emoticons which emphasize happiness and positivity. It is a good idea since emoticons have been taking an important role in our modern language.


> Put call to action (CTA) at the end of your message. Help your audience decide what to do by having call to action phrases like “Order now!” or “Tag your friend” etc.



Timing matters while doing online marketing. Based on research, people’s interest in checking your campaign can differ depending on the time and the day.  If you pay for Facebook Ads services for example, Facebook’s algorithm will find its way in order to give your campaign maximum exposure to your targeted audience. Experts recommend you publish your ads early in the morning in your targeted countries, so Facebook has time to maximize them during the day.


By analyzing your ad’s performances, you will find out when your audience engages most with your campaign statistically speaking. Check the time metrics; you will learn that there are peak hours and peak days where the audience’s engagement is at its highest. This information is key, mostly if you want to have organic engagements. If you search for that kind of engagement, create a good interval between posts so you don't overflow your audience’s timelines.


Daily Maintenance


Marketing continues after you publish your campaign/ post.  When you are managing your marketing page and ads, you need to follow up their progression. There will be comments, questions, and complaints that require immediate responses. Be reactive and helpful towards clients and potential buyers. Make sure to answer them within an hour and to write them in public so others can see and be convinced of your replies.


If you are handling multiple pages and accounts across several social media outlets, you may need extra tools to better manage them, and with my effectiveness. You can check out Buffer, Canva, Hootsuite and SproutSocial. If it is necessary, you can outsource another person to manage your pages.


Engage your audience


Your audience is a gold mine. It is obvious to say that you need to make your best effort to engage with them. To make it simple, you can follow these steps.


> First identify your potential customers. Choose those who like your posts, share your posts and comment on your posts.


> Make them feel involved by doing simple things: reply or mention them in posts, a shoutout on your FB page, follow them back, like their posts.


> Reach them with messages saying you thank them for their support, offer discounts to share/ take picture with their products, or offer free products / free shipping for sharing.


By making them feel involved, you will stimulate their interest and trigger their loyalty to your product and brand.





Having some contests on your page also increases your engagement rate. For a small business like t-shirt marketing, Facebook timeline contests will be enough to attract attention instead of third party contest apps which require more effort and money to set up.


A certain number of factors and numbers must be considered when having a contest. For instance, deciding on your goal is one you should think about before launching your contest, such as: increasing page likes, maximum exposure, collecting consumer data etc. By setting up your goal, you may plan your contest thoroughly hereafter.


The contest should be relevant. It should relate with products, targeted niches, and also time/season. Offering discount/free products as the gifts would better fit to your business profile than giving a restaurant voucher. Tailor your contest to current events so that it can also animate the current season such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day etc.


Run your contest in a brief period. Make it less than 7 days because people’s attention span will not be able to keep track of your contest for any longer than that.


Here are several ideas to help you get started with your first contest:

> “Like” to enter and win the contest.

>  Comment on the post by tagging other friends, answers, or captions of the photo.

>  Share this post and tag your friends.

>  Ask your audience to upload photos.


Create a simple, fun yet engaging contest is a nice method to animate your page.

Do not forget to mention the rules and announce the winners.